Red Squirrel Bars is the sister company of Red Squirrel Event Hire. At Red Squirrel Bars we offer alcohol service for any occasions such as corporate events, gigs, festivals, parties, and weddings. With 11 years experience in running bars we can accommodate any sized party, even up to 10,000+ guests. For more info

  • Bespoke bar design and build
  • Provision of bar stock
  • Cash Management System
  • Fridges, Freezers and Storage
  • Zero single use plastics
  • Locally sourced menu with fully vegan drinks
  • Carbon footprint and purchasing cycles considered
  • Use of recycled and upcycled materials
  • Single cup scheme where appropriate
  • All profits go to charity
Festival Bars Festival Bars

The nature of the UK festival scene creates a unique customer environment and Red Squirrel Bars know exactly how to cater for that. From basic pop up can bars to deluxe VIP or boutique bars. Our design, production and management team have the knowledge to provide for your every need.

Pop Up Event Bars Pop Up Event Bars

We can deliver a fully stocked and staffed bar serving ice cold premium drinks in any location. We can manage all angles from the build down to the all important staff who are providing the face of your event with their top notch service.

Bar Design Bar Design

We are here to help you build bespoke bars which combine both form and function. Our industry expertise allows us to look at an idea, then develop and build the bar so it performs to the desired level. We aim to get the best service times possible avoiding queues and long waits for drinks.

Bar Equipment Bar Equipment

We can provide all the equipment you need for a fully functional bar set up. Our packages can range from dry hire of pre-built bar counters, to the full package including dispense and refrigeration solutions. We also have a range of cocktail and measuring equipment to help you make sure those GP’s are high. We can also supply fridges, freezers and storage for your event.

Themed Bars Themed Bars

Want a theme for your event bar? Our team of joiners have built bars from all manners of materials. With a wealth of experience of building large scale inner city venues, right through to festival bars all over the world. We can work with you to create whatever themed bar you want. We can even bring the entertainment to the show with music, cabaret and a wide range of performers.

Experienced Staff Experienced Staff

The most important aspect to the service industry for us is the staff. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best, experienced, friendly and patient staff. We handpick our staff, looking for top level performers, and are committed to continual staff training and development ensuring all guests at the event will feel happy with our customer orientated experience.