As Red Squirrel Event Hire is an ethical charity fundraiser company, dedicated to animal welfare, we only offer vegan catering. The vegan caterers we use not only provide beautiful & tasty food, but also ethically source all ingredients and cutlery. Our caterers can also adapt the menu for specific requirements such as allergies and Gluten-Free options. The wide range of vegan cuisine and options available includes:

Red Squirrel Event Hire Vegan Catering Red Squirrel Event Hire Vegan Catering

Vegan catering gives your gifts a buffet of scrumptious dishes for your guests to fill up on.

Vegan Burgers and Chips Vegan Burgers and Chips

Simple yet filling, vegan burgers are available in an array of different delicious flavours.

Vegan Fish and Chips Vegan Fish and Chips

A cruelty-free twist on the classic English dish is a guaranteed way to make your hungry guests happy. 

Vegan Indian Curries Vegan Indian Curries

Enjoy a rich and varied cuisine with our vegan Indian Curries option. The perfect choice for adding an eastern twist to any event.

Vegan Pizzas Vegan Pizzas

A dish loved by all! Our vegan pizza chefs create mouth-watering pizzas available with an array of bases and toppings.

Vegan Sushi Vegan Sushi

A fish-free alternative to the traditional Japanese dish is the snack-a-licious option suitable for events of all shapes and sizes.

Vegan Thai Vegan Thai

Vegan Thai is a fantastic choice for those wanting bold, colourful and healthy dishes to wow guests.