Red Squirrel Event Hire is a not-for-profit company in which all profits go towards UK registered charity, Green Paw Project (UK Charity Registration Number 1166316).

What is Green Paw Project?

Green Paw Project is a UK registered charity dedicated to the welfare of animals, environmental conservation, rewilding of lands, planting trees, carbon sequestration, human reconnection to the natural world, and the cleaning of plastic and waste that litters our planet.

Profits made from Red Squirrel Event Hire are a vital income for Green Paw’s ongoing projects:

Earth Conservation Project

From 2021 onwards, Green Paw Project will focus on buying land with the view to plant trees and rewild the land. Find out more here.

Plastic Clean Up Project

The Plastic Clean Up Project will focus on litter picking and recycling of plastic waste from villages, towns, cities, forests, beaches, parks, industrial estates and shopping centres. Find out more here.

Animal Welfare & Wildlife Conservation

In the past we have primarily offered free veterinary treatment to domestic and wild animals in far-flung locations across the globe, such as Ecuador. From 2021 onwards, Green Paw Project will be focused on Wildlife Conservation within Wales. Find out more here.

Human Reconnection Campaign

Green Paw Project devotes a great deal of time to raising awareness of the human connection with the natural world. Find out more here.

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“In aid of Charity Green Paw Project”