Red Squirrel Event Hire is a not-for-profit company in which all profits go towards UK registered charity, Green Paw Project (UK Charity Registration Number 1166316). 100% of the shares of One Tribe Festival Ltd are owned by Green Paw Project, therefore the directors and organisers receive no profits.

Red Squirrel Event Hire financial aim is to raise £20,000 for Green Paw Project by the end of 2020. The £20,000 will continue to build on the donations already generated from past events and festivals which is an incredible £14,756. Since the successful Ecuador project, the past 3 years have been dedicated to raising funds, and research and development for ‘Mission Malawi’. The project finally kicks off in 2020.

The final and long-term mission for using money raised from all Red Squirrel Event Hire profits will be used to build an animal wildlife sanctuary to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife such as leopards, monkeys, antelopes and other wildlife in Malawi. Protecting the world’s most ancient and delicate ecosystem in these uncertain times.

Once the sanctuary in Malawi is set up and sustainably running, Green Paw Project will start its UK plans for an animal rescue, conservation and education centre.

If you would like more information in the amazing work Green Paw Project have and continue to do, please visit their website:

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“In aid of Charity Green Paw Project”